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Social Connections Social Community, they are the glue.  These facets of our lives continue to evolve as those of bygone days seem to be evaporating at an increasing rate.  In viewing social media, I often see statements by participants who are lamenting the closeness of the family being a condition of the past.  When the one or two members of the family that the family and extended family has historically been drawn to for celebrations and visits passes away, the inter-family activities seem to quickly cease.  The families no longer have the bonds of familiarity and common interest.  The “Friends” of social media seem to be replacing a longing for social connection social community participation.

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How are Social Connections Social Community Established?

When we speak of Social Connections Social Community, we realize that there must be a method or medium for implementing the relationships.  That method or medium is “social media.”  What is “social media?”  As we view the “social” aspect of the term, I believe we can readily agree that it usually refers to the interaction of people as they share information and relate it to their activities.  The “media” aspect of the social media term refers to the instrument or method of communicating the information and associated activities.  Two of the most recent media methods are the internet and personal “Smartphones.”  More traditional instruments include TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio.  The capacity to discuss and broadcast the social activities is also very important in more recent communication instruments.  I believe this provides a basic, working definition of social media and social community.

Social Media Can’t be Ignored

Social media does not permit isolation.  It surrounds us and engages us whether we want to indulge or not.  We are voluntarily exposed in using the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  And, don’t forget the ever-present “Smartphone!”  We have wandering eyes at the supermarket check-out counters where current gossip and other magazines are displayed.  There are many other exposures too numerous to list here.  But, ignore them we can’t!

Does Social Media Stimulate Your World?

Our view of the world is influenced by all that we see, read, and hear!  Most of it is certainly through conscious, active pursuit.  However, much of it is also through unconscious, passive experience of our surroundings and interests and, in passing, while pursuing our personal interests, family pursuits, and professional/work requirements and interests.

An example of the information gained through research related to the personal interest of blog websites can be illuminating.  A key ingredient in this effort is “key word research.”  In order to have the website article of interest indexed by the search engines, the developer is always challenged to use words and phrases different from those of competing developers.  One method of doing this is by trial entries of the proposed words and observing the resulting articles and sites presented by the search engines.  The array of articles and sites presented opens up, often, a new, unanticipated world.  As one suspects, the task of finding unique words and terms for your website articles is not easy, but can be surprisingly illuminating.  The task is unending!  And, in the process, can end with some awkward article wording and structure.

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